Jerry Mitnick

edit of "new CD in the works!" (2014)


edit of blog done in sept., 2014

To All who may be there wit antenna up 'n ears glad to announce on disdaydat my new Cd ( working title "Eau De Flambeau" or "Strums & Thumps) is in  finishing stages... over 25 new songs in de "can" as we like to say, ( imagine that's a throwback to d'time when de actual tapes were kept in  storage cans).  Next step is t' pick  'n choose d'ones at'll make up d'cd, 'n  fine tune 'em for demeantime, enjoy "Brooklyn Lullabotz" on d'website...version you will hear is the first mix of  yet to be mixed/finished master, so may  it even be collection item 1 day....dere will be songs of polovetical importance, from nasty meanies to road rage incense 'n peppermintical shopaholical fundamentalist nazi pastors who live in an imaginary menagerie of strums 'n thumps n' ufos dat meet at de crossroads on de udder side of Dis Town, U.S.A....if u b on dat line a' tinkin, soon come wit me on the voyage...c u soon, enuffluv,  M.F.


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 another day in paradise

 a pair a dice , a pear so nice, my peers, mon frere....where?...right there..waddaya want f'nuthin?...rubber bisquits?