Jerry Mitnick

blah blah blogit, have u any cool?..yassa, yassa, 3 bags full

To all, a good day... Excited to be building my first website here. Hope it will reach as many people as possible to help you get acquainted with my music.  i have been performing lately as an acoustic solo and duo act, in small clubs and house concerts.   I feel that more intimate settings fit my acoustic style better. I love to be able to talk to my audience when they're up close, instead of in a huge club or theater fighting echos and bad acoustics. Playing and touring in Rock, Rhythm & Blues, C&W and World Beat bands most of my life, i like to think that I have a pretty eclectic mix of styles to send your way. A professional Bassist, Vocalist, Singer/Songwriter, author and composer for over 40 years, and running music venues Tinker St. Cafe  and Joyous Lake in Woodstock, NY from '88-'01,  I still live to play and play to live, and am looking forward to performing at your local venues or house concerts.....enjoy the posted tunes, and, if you care to, let me know what you think... Hope 2 c u soon down the road...J