edit of "new CD in the works!" (2014) 

To All who may be out dere wit antenna up n' ears open...am glad to announce dis day dat my new Cd ( working title "Eau De Flambeau"  or "Strums & Thumps") is in  finishing stages... over 25 new songs in de "can" as we like to say, ( imagine that's a throwback to times when  actual tapes were kept in  storage cans).  Next step is t' pick n' choose de ones dat'll make up de cd, n'  fine tune 'em for mastering....in demeantime, enjoy "Brooklyn Lullabotz" on d'website...version you will hear is the first mix

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blah blah blogit, have u any cool?..yassa, yassa, 3 bags full 

To all, a good day... Excited to be building my first website here. Hope it will reach as many people as possible to help you get acquainted with my music.  i have been performing lately as an acoustic solo and duo act, in small clubs and house concerts.   I feel that more intimate settings fit my acoustic style better. I love to be able to talk to my audience when they're up close, instead of in a huge club or theater fighting echos and bad acoustics. Playing and touring in Rock, Rhythm & Blues, C&W and…

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Gettin' There 

     Still under construct is this website, as i try to get it right in this world of cyberschlock...adding CDBaby to the mix for digital sales of CD's and single tunes...will soon be begging for help there too, i'm sure.  No manager, no one to blame, no agent, but i still got my name (actually, two).  As Ray Davies said, "I'm on a Low Budget....Art takes time, time is money,  Money's scarce and that ain't funny".  Hopefully, it'll all be in place by the next millenium...stay tuned

one more time 

 another day in paradise

 a pair a dice , a pear so nice, my peers, mon frere....where?...right here...so there..waddaya want f'nuthin?...rubber bisquits?

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