"Vids From the Crib" Vidition #18 presents "MumBlers", inspired by the great Clark Terry Tune "Mumbles". An homage to his genius and simplicity



Vids From the Crib #17 presents "Jiggle the Handle"....

"wiggle the hanger!" may date some of us, but "jiggle the handle!" remains timeless.

"Vids From the Crib" # 16 presents "Canto Danilo Canto" , a song about a  song that was lost and never finished until now, over 25 years later.  Performed live at the Rosendale Cafe, Rosendale, n.y., 11/22/16 w/ Dave Laks/harp, Chris Cullo/percussion, Pam Fabiano/camera crew

"Vids From the Crib" # 15 presents "Sssticky Wicket"

origin of the phrase  is credited back  to cricket, where the area round the wicket gets a bit sticky as the game goes on, and play gets a bit more troublesome, problematic, "sticky".

"Vids From the Crib" # 14 presents  "So As One"
..inspired by many things, including australian series "Wentworth", this ditty explores the ups and downs and sideways of relations good 'n bad, hot 'n cold, scared 'n bold, bared and untold.


"Vids From the Crib" # 13 presents  "ƒee ƒi ƒaux ƒly"

...in an online search for a pair of comfy lounging slacks, the term "faux fly" was discovered in many ads. i took umbrage to what seemed a quite vestigal non-feature, and "Fee fi faux fly" was born....enjoy,  minique

Above (#12) is 1st vid of the new year 2016 A.D....don't look under the bed ;(

"Vids From the Crib" # 11 presents    "Time's in Need of a Friend"

It just don't lie, it just goes by.....

"Vids From the Crib" #10  presents "Nairobi Trio Minus 1"

Me takes you to Africa to share the true story of a pastor who took his authority a bit too far...title is borrowed from a ridiculous Ernie Kovaks skit that was on his late great '50's TV show.

"Vids From the Crib" #9 presents "Tabouli" 

a recipe/tune for you...a recitoon, perhaps?..or a songapee?..dunno yet..stay tuned.   my 1st venture into stop action fun...as someone stated, 1000 frames and a sh*tload of coffee..bon appetit...song available on "Just a Flambeau Ago #1"

"Vids From the Crib" #8 presents   "I Carry Her Suitcase" 

it ain't heavy, she my lover


Vids From the Crib #7- a mix of 2 songs "Jolie (Only a Child) & "For All the Trials" from the CD "Just a Flambeau Ago #2"

"How To Go"...it's a long/short road from start to finishin'

Vids From the Crib # 5......"Bad Bad Time"...Love and War...


"Vids From the Crib" vidition #4.  "I Wish I'd Thought of That"...a toast to the human race's ingenuity.......and..... sheer stupidity

"Vids From the Crib", Vidition #3--a honkified dark reggae number for you ... ...was thinkin of "Plan 9 From Outer Space" when i visualized this vid...so to E. Wood, wherever you may be, you have inspired my trashiness, and for that, i thank you."Shakin"---a night in the city.... have pity...

"Shakin" recorded live at Bearsville Theater, Woodstock, NY, and tweaked a bit at home.

written by minique flambeau aka Jerry Mitnick

minique--Guitars, bass, vocals

Charlie Pistone--Drums, vocals

Joe Veillette-rhythm guitar, vocals

 song available for single or CD download at cdbaby.com/miniqueflambeau   "Just a Flambeau ago" #2  


 "George Burns Gracie"- vidition #2 of "Vids From the Crib"...an homage to 2 great pioneers of Radio & TV


"You're Probably.."   1st vidition of "Vids From the Crib" series; the 1st of hopefully many homegrown videos from me to you...enjoy


 Performing "Shakin" at the Woodstock Luthier's Showcase, Bearsville Theater, 2012.  Thanx to Joe Veillette (Veillette Guitars) and Larry Campbell for sitting in. 


"Song in the Key of Ivory" was written in memory of a dear old friend (Ivory Manor, a bklyn brother) and was used in this memorial to Rocky Rosario, Woodstock street urchin/lovable soul who passed on in 2013.  R.I.P. to you both   (song available on "Just a Flambeau Ago #2") CD or single download at cdbaby.com/miniqueflambeau

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