"Just a Flambeau Ago" #1 & #2

"Just a Flambeau Ago" #1 is a retrospective of original recordings i've done in different groups from the 70's to the 90's: studio and live cuts with The Human Condition, Hang Time, The Floor Models, and the JV Squad.


1 ----Bob & Weave---From “Kulonyaka”, The Human Condition, Recorded 1986, Platinum Factory, Bklyn

2—---Daddy--- From “Kulonyaka” Recorded 1986, Platinum Factory, Brooklyn, ny

3---Workin Man’s Daughter---, From “The Human Condition W/ Bev Grant”…Paradon Records by Jerry Mitnick and Karen Mitnick….recorded 1975, Sweet Sixteen Sound, Bklyn,ny 

4---Charlie’s Song---From “The Human Condition W/ Bev Grant”…Paradon Records…written by Bev Grant…. recorded 1975, Sweet Sixteen Sound, Bklyn,ny

5----Toilet Paper--- performed by “Hang Time” From “Where Woodstock Lives, Best New Music from Tinker St. Café"….1994, Applehead Studios, Woodstock, n.y.

6----Taboui---a cool mid-eastern recipe brought to a boogie beat...serve it up, Hang Time, 1994

7----Hang Time--- performed by Hang Time, 1994, Applehead Studios, Woodstock,n.y.  1994 Applehead Studios, Woodstock, n.y.

8---- Hi Dee Hi ---performed by Hang Time , 1995 …Live at Tinker St Café, Woodstock, n.y. 

 9----Ki san pou’n fe ---From “Kulonyaka”, The Human Condition, Recorded 1986, Platinum Factory, Bklyn, ny 

10----Bogie---performed by “The Souvenirs” live at Tramps,n.y.c. 1988

11----Shakin-- performed by “The JV Squad”, 2011, live at Bearsville Theater, Woodstock,n.y.

Special thanx to Jolie, my shining light and inspiration for this project. To Pam, for giving me reason to trust love again. To all the fine musicians (too numerous to name here) that I have had the honor and privilege to play with throughout my humble career. and to mom, who, after seein the smile on my face at a gig, finally stopped telling me “it’s only a hobby” and simply said … ” ya gotta do what makes ya happy”…j.m.


"Just a Flambeau Ago" #2 is a collection of original songs bringing the listener up to more recent works, written and recorded mostly at home in the Woodstock, n.y. area circa 2000-2014.


1-Life is a Sideshow---over, under, sideshow, down

2- Water’s on Fire---Hydro-Fracking can’t be taken lightly…raise your voices

3-To All the Trials---a song for my daughter…growin up is hard , soft and wondrous…keep strong, my love

4-Time Out on the Court---violence in sports….teach your children well, will y’all!

5-Song in the Key of Ivory---reconnected after 30 years, only to lose him again…..r.i.p., Ivory

6- S1--Recorded live at Bearsville Theater by the JV Squad 2011…a precursor to the Patriot Act, the S1 bill was defeated in the 70’s, only to rear it’s ugly head again after 911

7- Morning After Blues---my first visit to Woodstock, roadieing for Elephant’s Memory, playin the Lake, drinkin a lakefull, pukin on my new Frye boots, fond memories of a bad wake up call

8-After the Fall… hope springs eternal

9-Talker of Lies…don’t believe what they say… believe what they do

10- Kilauhuea…Pele’ don’t play that

11-Jolie (only a child)….another one for the little nipper…all my love, all my life

12-My Geisha… to my best tomodachi, pamalamawamajama….aishiteru

13- A Mile With Sorrow ….inspired by a passage by Robert Browning Hamilton, in the book “Have a little Faith” by Mitch Albom

14-Things Aint What …still timely, after all these years….maybe even more so now.  By the Human Condition, recorded in 1974, NYC

All songs written by Jerry Mitnick, except:

“S1”—Bill Horwitz

Things Aint What---By Mario Giacalone..…arr. /The Human Condition 

All instruments played by Jerry Mitnick except where noted




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